Tracklist :

1 – &ME – Dios (Original Mix)
2 – Albert Marzinotto – Body & Body (Original Mix) [Previously Unreleased]
3 – Riva Starr & Fatboy Slim feat. Beardyman – Get Naked (Alli Borem Remix)
4 – Jet Project – So Fly (Original Mix)
5 – Ruben Mandolini – Also! (Original Mix)
6 – Jet Project & Robert Owens – Say The Word (Original Mix)
7 – Luid – Step Off (Original Mix)
8 – Nouveau Yorican – Quiere Mas (Original Mix)
9 – Pirupa – Want More (Original Mix)
10 – Prince Club & Poupon – Platinum (Original Mix)
11 – Ruben Mandolini – Modular Love (Original Mix)
12 – Prince Club & Poupon – Technique (Original Mix)
13 – Jordan & Santero – Remember When (Original Mix) [Previously Unreleased]


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Rising talent Ruben Mandolini introduces us to his very own selection of what has been the best of our catalogue through the whole 2012. The compilation features 11 previously released tracks plus 2 fresh unreleased ones…available in both single downloads and continuos DJ mix by Ruben himself!

Tracks already supported by: Reboot, Pirupa, Nic Fanciulli, Claude VonStroke, M.A.N.D.Y., Luciano, Dubfire, Gregor Tresher, Paco Osuna, Riva Starr, Carlo Lio, Mark Knight, X-Press2, AFFKT, Umek, Mihalis Safras, Kaiserdisco, James Talk, Butch, Nick Curly, Deetron, Hermanez, Ramon Tapia, Tube & Berger,, John Rundell, Supernova, Dyed Soundorom, Mario Ochoa, Audiojack, Gramophonedzie, Wally Lopez, Mason, Super Flu, Mathias Kaden, Fabian Argomedo, Ant Brooks, Joyce Muniz, Doomwork, Mixhell, Makossa and many more!



01) Ruben Mandolini – Slevin (Original Mix)
02) Ruben Mandolini – Forget About It (Original Mix)
03) Ruben Mandolini – Fonky Death (Original Mix)
04) Ruben Mandolini – Fonky Death (DJ Tool)


Already supported by Paco Osuna, Dubfire, Amo & Navas, Riva Starr, Seamus Haji, Jay Lumen and..

Some early selected feedbacks:

-Pirupa “Another Huge release from my friend Ruben. Fonky Death is the best track of the ep, playing it everywhere”
-Mark Knight “HOT!”
-Carlo Lio “support for my homeboy ruben! nice work”
-Mihalis Safras “proper housey beats! love it snatch boys!”
-Dyed Soundorom “Fonky Death is the 1 for me, thanks”
-James Talk “Fonky Death is hot” “fonky death for me! Ruben is back, Ruben is on fire, Ruben rocks!”
-NiCe7 “will try out thaaanks!”
-Supernova “Full Support for our friend Ruben!”
-Uto Karem “cool sounds here”
-Robert Owens “great tracks and mixes”
-Mario Ochoa “will try slevin thx”
-Ant Brooks “This EP is HUGE! Full support from me!”
-Gramophonedzie “Forget About It is one that i like the most. But all tracks are dope! will play everything. Ruben kills it again”
-Wally Lopez “WOW..full support”
-Makossa “solid stuff”
-Fabian Argomedo “bomb release!!!! full support”
-Tony Dee “Ruben super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
-Alli Borem “Total SUPPORT for my super own Root! thank you”
-Poupon “nice funky tech house groovers!! Slevin for me, thanks”
-Hollen Very “Good Release – Forget About it is my favourite”
-Mario Più “Slevin For me!! Great ep. Gooo Ruben.”
-T-Bone (Jet Project) “Fonky Death for me, love it.”
-James Jackson “Fonky Feath for me, Nice!!”
-Giom “Forget about it = yes please! Thanks guys”
-DCup “Damn – this man can do no wrong”
-Chube.Ka “i love ruben’s music, full support!!!!”
-David Dunne “Forget About It works for me!”
-Danny Moodymanc “great release! really like it :)
-Paul Jackson “Another Hot EP from Ruben. Will spin for sure Thank you :)
-Sam Divine “Awesome!”
-Rickie Snice “Mammaaaa mia three bombs! Full support to Ruben!”
-Victor (DJ Mag ES) “Awesome tracks. Slevin is a WMD. Thanks”
-Joe Roberts (DJ Mag UK) ” ‘Fonky Death’ sure is fonky. Simple but with a tasty groove. The tool will come in handy too.”
-Benoit (Tsugi Mag) “Slevin for me”
-ElectroCorp “Amazing House track on “Slevin”… strong!”
-Jason Pepperell (Juice FM) “Slevin for me”
-Andrea Belli (105 InDaKlub) “GOOD EP!!!”


01. Pullover – Pullover (Riva Starr Cut)


Already Supported by: Carl Cox, Benny Benassi, Erol Alkan, Dyed Soundorom, Mark Brown, Sean Miller; Taras Van de Voorde and:

-Annie Mac (BBC Radio1) “The ultimate club record, I can’t wait to play it out! 100% rave music, no frills, none necessary….thank you Riva Starr!”
-Joris Voorn “Relentless version of a relentless classic!”
-Green Velvet “HOT!”
-Nic Fanciulli “it’s a bomb thank you!”
-David Guetta c/o Damian Wilson “sounded great, so put it in the show for this week”
-dOP “bigrooooom killer”
-Pirupa “Destroy Every Clubs & Festivals!! BOMB!”
-Mark Knight “Cool!!”
-Crookers “Will play it Stef!”
-Eats Everything “BIIIIIIIIIIG”
-Paco Osuna “nice one !”
-2000 And One “massive remake!”
-Chris Lake “tight”
-Bob Sinclar “Huge Floorfiller The Big Beat is FaaaaaaaaaaaT. I am gonna stole your kick for sure :)
-AN21 “phat!”
-Jon Rundell “Love the groove !”
-Congorock “TITE!”
-Tom Flynn “Maaaaaaaassssiveeeeee!!!!!”
-Mason “who doesn’t like a nice bootleg… big ups”
-Gel Abril “good remake thanks!”
-DJ Zinc “Tidy!”
-Timo Maas “Funny though!”
-Seamus Haji “Interesting :)
-Wesley S (Toolroom records) “COOL BEATS”
-Joyce Muniz “dope”
-Aki Bergen “Cool remake!”
-Gina Turner “i really like this”
-Ant Brooks “Love this! Thanks!”
-Wally Lopez “very nice..full support”
-Fabian Argomedo “great version!!”
-T-Bone (Jet Project) “Never an easy job overhauling a classic but Mr Starr has nailed it here. One word BOMB!”
-Andy Daniell “Riva does techno, nice man!!”
-John Made “Stef…a real power!!!”
-Ruben Mandolini “YEAH! RIVA ROCKS!!!”
-Hollen “Cool! Thx”
-Jens Thele (Kontor Rec) “massive bomb!”
-Dor Dekel “full support!”
-Blacksoul “cool tool, testing it out next week”
-Chube.Ka “i was waiting for this track! boooomb!”
-Paul Jackson “Excellent…Thank You :)
-Marco Soenke “chunky peak time Banger”
-Rickie Snice “What Riva usually does!! BAAAANGER!!!”
-Joe Roberts (DJ Mag) “Massive in every way!”
-Benoit (Tsugi Mag) “cool track”
-Liam McSharry (Pumped Audio) “Huge rework! Can see this being big for a lot of DJs”
-To The Speakers (Housology group) “Excellent!!! Full support on November podcast from To The Speakers!”
-David Dunne (Triple Dee radio show) “ooh that will hurt em!”
-Andrea Belli (Radio105 – InDaKlubb) “it’s GREAT!!!”
-Russell Deeks (This Is Why We Dance) “Blimey, there’s a blast from the past! When’s this out, please?”


01. Gonzalez & Gonzalo with Hollen – Format It (Original Mix)
02. Gonzalez & Gonzalo with Hollen – Format It (Ron Costa Remix)


Already supported by Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Pirupa, Amo & Navas, Riva Starr and..

Some Early Feedbacks:

-AFFKT “Huge tracks here! will def play it.”
-Mark Knight “FAT!”
-James Talk “digging Ron Costa’s mix!”
-Dyed Soundorom “I’ll try out the Ron Costa’s Remix, good big room stuff!”
-Mihalis Safras “Whata nailer! 10/10″
-Kaiserdisco “nice track! like both mixes”
-Coyu “Good release, I like both mixes.”
-DJ Chus “Original Mix for me! these guys are on fire!!!”
-Supernova “Nice Beats… Thanks”
-Gregor Tresher “great ron costa mix!”
-Mario Ochoa “Ron Costas rmx for me thx!”
-Uto Karem “cool sounds over here”
-Ant Brooks “This release is HUGE! Full support on both tracks!”
-Gramophonedzie “Ron Costa for President!”
-Wally Lopez “Great one!! support”
-Shir Khan “really hot release.”
-Mark Storie “Ron Costa mix for me, will support”
-Poupon “nice one!!”
-Thom Stephan “Hot as always! Ron Costa mix doin it for me.”
-Oscar Aguilera “Full support, both tracks good for me. Thanks.”
-Monika Kruse “another solid release on snatch! I like the smooth feeling!”
-DJ Simi “nice!!”
-Joyce Muniz “ron costa i like the tech vibes”
-James Jackson “Banger, Love the original mix”
-John Made “in my bag!!!”
-Neoteric “ohh…this is a groove i like. original for me!”
-Luis Bonias Bias “Ron Costa remix is”
-Giom “Dubby and dirty, nice work”
-DJ Ralf “super good!!!! will play and enjoy!”
-Ruben Mandolini “Original my favourite! support 4 my friends!! PS: HOLLEN ROCKS!!”
-Rickie Snice “The original mix! like a gunshot!”
-Chube.Ka “well matched the busta rhymes’ sample in this track, will use both”
-Mr Henry Von “Nice remix from Ron Costa, thanks”
-Irregular Synth “Ron Costa Rmx for me!thankss”
-Benoit (Tsugi Mag) “coool ep”
-Rambaud Ludovic (OnlyForDJs FR) “Nice to see Ron Costa on Snatch ;) one more good release !!”
-Russell Deeks (This Is Why We Dance) “Ron’s mix is the one here!!



01 Riva Starr – OPA! (Club Mix)
02 Riva Starr feat. dOP – All Over The Place (Original Mix)
03 Riva Starr – OPA! (Dub Mix)


Some early selected feedbacks:

-Gilles Peterson “always good to have some big room beats with subtlety from riva starr”
-AFFKT “Superb release, both tracks are full energy and magic!”
-dOP “bomba”
-Mihalis Safras “another biggie here!”
-Kaiserdisco “Both dub version sounding cool! will play them out LOUD! OPAAAAA!”
-Mason “Right on!” “jaw is a great singer crazy track but i like”
-2000 And One “great tunes!!!”
-Hermanez “massive release, thanks !”
-Mario Ochoa “I will support Opa (Club Mix) great track”
-ATFC “sounds cool”
-Joyce Muniz “all over the place dub is my favourite thx”
-Dyed Soundorom “I will try the Dub Mix of All Over The Place”
-Gramophonedzie “All Over The Place is the one for me! Good combination!”
-DJ Zinc “banging! love opa, will support. thx for sending”
-Seamus Haji “Club Mix sounds interesting!”
-Biru Bee (Round Table Knights) “Riva & dOP = Yeah!!!”
-Wally Lopez “Nice”
-Fabian Argomedo “OPA! DUB MIX For me!! great bomb!”
-Mark Storie “Loving Riva’s style & cool mixes.”
-Poupon “classic Riva Starr bombas!!!”
-The Supermen Lovers “Cool track!”
-Rocoe (Reset!) “I love OPA ! Riva styla ! CIAO ! :)
-Willy Joy (Trouble & Bass) “OPA is a cool track!”
-Tobi (Moonbootica) “I like Opa.”
-Mumbai Science “Fave Track – All Over The Place”
-Bart & Baker “Once again a great Feel Good Anthem from the maker of “I was drunk”
-Doomwork “Great! Full Support!”
-Mixhell “big…big … BIG!”
-Blacksoul “sick!!!! Turbo House!”
-Neoteric “bringing the FUN back to the club! Opa!!”
-Luis Bonias Bias “OPA! dub for”
-Giom “Opaaaaa! Thanks guys, killer shiz”
-Ruben Mandolini “GREAT PACK! RIVA STYLE!!!!!!!! C’MOOOOONNNNNN!!!”
-Chube.Ka “OPPAAAA!!! this ep rocks! original mixes will rock my winter for sure”
-Andy Daniell “dope release”
-David Dunne “superb!!!!!!!!”
-Danny Moodymanc “love em all…downloading to play thanks”



1) John Made – Baby (Original Mix)
2) Lamore – Lamore (Original Mix)
3) Luid – Step Off (Original Mix)
4) Rickie Snice – Would You (Original Mix)


This is the first Snatch! Versus series, a collection of original singles in the format of a mini V.A..Part.1 is due for release on Monday the 24th on Beatport only and features the already known in the Snatch! family John Made and welcomes on board Lamore, Luid and Rickie Snice.

Already supported by X-Press2, Mark Knight, AFFKT, Pirupa, Paco Osuna, James Talk, Dyed Soundorom, Mihalis Safras, Mason,, Joyce Muniz, Tara Van de Voorde, Wally Lopez, Gramophonedzie, Makossa, Monika Kruse, Ralf, Mixhell, Ruben Mandonili, Chube.Ka, Paul Jackson, Blacksoul, Giom, DJ Simi and many more!

Some Early Selected Feedbacks:

-AFFKT “Great selection as usual! will def play it.”
-Rocky (X-Press2) “Would You is my fave track. All good.”
-James Talk “Cor Blimey Gov’nor this is a bit awesome!”
-Dyed Soundorom “Rickie Snice track is good and John Made is cool too. Will try them both, thanks.”
-Mihalis Safras “pumpin stuff here”
-Mason “That Lamore track is right up my street – thankssss!” “baby is my fav”
-Sinden “Really good stuff here, will support !”
-Supernova “Nice Package! Will try it out. Thanks”
-Tom Flynn “Full support, hard to choose a fave!”
-2000 And One “phat n proper house tunes!”
-Steve Parry (Chris Lake) “Luid is great, will pass to Chris Lake.”
-Boy George “Lamore & Luid grabbed me right off and will fit into my sets right away, really love ‘would You’ and will give a spin.”
-Joyce Muniz “Support! thx joy”
-Taras van de Voorde “Thanks, could use these tonight!”
-Gramophonedzie “Lamore & Luid are good one, support”
-Wally Lopez “nice ones…will play”
-Makossa “solid tools”
-Mixhell “full support!!!”
-Monika Kruse “lamore is the one for me”
-DJ Ralf “THX…Will try BABY…”
-DJ Simi “Baby and Step Off for me!”
-Blacksoul “Baby and Step Off are for me”
-James Jackson “Baby is slick!! Thanks”
-Luis Bonias Bias “john made track is great full support”
-Giom “Super pack, all reliable tools, thanks guys!”
-Ruben Mandolini “Step Off is a POWER!! but also the other tracks are great! MASSIVE PACK!”
-Chube.Ka “bombssss as always from snatch! thanks!”
-Marco Soenke “Another pushing club tool from John Made, nasty”
-Danny Moodymanc “some nice grooves here… on the dl to check further…”
-Da Lukas “Lamore and Step Off are great! Thanks!”
-Paul Jackson “Really solid EP John Made & Luid for me Thank You! Paul”
-Aden Mullens (Ministry of Sound AU) “great grooves”
-Matt Nugent (OneLove) “cool stuff as always”
-Benoit (Tsugi Mag) “lamore for me tx”
-Paula Humphreys (Pumped Audio) “exciting release!”
-ElectroCorp “Nice to see these V.A. release series! All producers deliver some regular classic Tech-House bombs: they are really dynamic, well produced and the beat is strong and clean. If I had to name a favourite, it would go to Lamore. I love the brass isntruments sound. Also I love what did Rickie Snice with the strong piano keys… it’s just lovely! Will def. feature one of the track on my blog. SNATCH! POWAAAA!”
-Russell Deeks (This Is Why We Dance) “Very solid club grooves, Would You stands out for me”
-Jason Pepperell (Juice FM) “I like! Will support”
-Colin Perkins (SPIN 1038, RTE Pulse Radio, Connected magazine) “Step Off is killer!”



1) Chicago Everywhere (Original Mix)
2) So Fly (Original Mix)
3) Body Xpress (Original Mix)
4) Understand This (Original Mix)
5) So What! (Original Mix)
6) Sell Your Love (Original Mix)


Following Part.1 on the “So Fly” sampler, with two originals plus Stacey Pullen and Yousef remixes, here is the second and final one!

Some early selected feedbacks:

-Steve Mac “Interesting tracks, looking forward to the full album”
-Gregor Tresher “so fly & so what are great! will play.”
-Kaiserdisco “Nice tracks here… Body Xpress, So Fly should fit into our sets. Will try -them out LOUD! thanks!”
-2000 and One “amazing sounds in here!”
-Carlo Lio ” chicago in mind for me”
-Mark Knight / Wesley S “Great Sampler”
-AFFKT “Huge tracks here, loving Jet Project style, will play many of them!”
-Joyce Muniz “great package full of dancefloor killas ! good work guys !”
-Jaymo (BBC Radio1) ” Chicago Everywhere and Understand This are bombzzz!!”
-Dyed Soundorom “Sell Your Love and Body Xpress are the ones for me, great tracks, thanks” “great album!”
-Aldo Cadiz “Understand This is for my set …thx”
-Seamus Haji “Nice EP. Will check properly”
-Ruben Mandolini “SUPER PACK!!! So Fly & So What! is my favourites! great groove, bass and cooool synth! TOP TRACKS! Understand This is one of my favorite track for a few years! Now, made in Snatch!, play it more than before!”
-Coyu “Awesome album sample. Jet Project in their best form ever! There are some big dancefloor weapons here!”
-Round Table Knights (Biru Bee) “Super duper fly! Love Understand This and Sell your Love”
-James Talk “Love this! Congrats guys! Big album!”
-Tom Budden “Love these – top stuff!!”
-Makossa “good stuff”
-Blacksoul “Body Xpress is my favorite but also digging very much So Fly, Understand this, full support on these”
-Poupon “Damn, so many bombs!! Big ups guys!!”
-Luke Solomon “oh yeah about time please can I get wavs of all of these”
-Robert Owens “understand this, great track and EP”
-Wally Lopez “very nice album support”
-DJ Simi “So fly for me thanks”
-Johnny Fiasco “Will support Chicago Everywhere! Love the old school vibe! Also will play Body Xpres”
-Chube.Ka “badabaaaam bombssssss!!”
-Andrea Belli (105 InDaKlub) “bello…..airplay!”
-James Jackson “Body Xpress for the win, Wicked!!”
-Giom “Some cool tracks in here, thanks guys!”
-Ralf “Great pack!!! Will play and support.”
-Evaldas (Radio M-1) “Best house music ever! Sell Your Love best for me.”
-Giorgio Valletta (DJ Mag Italia) “considering for review on dj mag italia”
-Liam McSharry (Pumped Audio) “Top package yet again! The album is gonna be sick! My fav of this package is Sell your love, just for the nostalgia!”
-Rambaud Ludovic (OnlyFor DJs FR) “Understand This, So What & So Fly are my favourite The groove is awesome around here !!!”
-Benoit (Tsugi Mag) “nice ep!”
-Lukas (earmilk) “Damn this covers all the good old school sounds everyone needs to hear.”
-Russell Deeks (This Is Why We Dance) “Cool house grooves, and So Fly rocks… will support”



1) Jet Project – Yes Yes Y’all (Original Mix)
2) Jet Project – Get Down (Original Mix)
3) Jet Project – Yes Yes Y’all (Stacey Pullen Remix)
4) Jet Project – Yes Yes Y’all (Yousef Circus Rework)

Snatch! welcomes back Jet Project for the release of their so long awaited “So Fly” album. We have decided to split it in two parts over two different releases: the 1st sampler contains the third single “Yes Yes Y’all”, a powerful track with a strong bassline and groovy stabs, and “Get Down” with its hypnotic and embroiling sirens, both proper killer club tunes!

On remix duties Detroit legend Stacey Pullen and Circus Rec. label boss Yousef, both need no introduction and add their particular touch on the reinterpretation of the “Yes Yes Y’all” original.

The 2nd sampler is due for release on August the 23rd – all tracks exclusive!

Already supported by Reboot, Luciano, Nic Fanciulli, Claude VonStroke and:

-Rocky (X-­‐Press2) (MoS RADIO) “The 2 og mixes are the finest.”
-dOP “stacey’s remix is bomb!”
-DJ Sneak “yousef’s mix is banging”
-Pirupa “Great ep…Get Down and the remixes are bombs!
-Mark Knight “SLICK!”
-AFFKT “Huge release! loving all here.
-Gramophonedzie “GET Down is proper bootie shaker”
-James Talk “full support! love this ep”
-Sinden “The OG is the one here!!! Thanks for this one”
-Dyed Soundorom “Stacey Pullen’s Remix of Yes Yes Y’all is just huge and Get Down will find a place in my sets too.”
-James Jackson “LOVE IT!!”
-Mihalis Safras “Stacey’s remix is so f**ing good!”
-Zombie Disco Squad “NICE” “get down is crazy! also support for stacey pullen!”
-Dualton “nice pullen remix!”
-Gel Abril “both remixes are dope tnx!”
-Audiojack “Yousef’s mix for me this time, bet this goes off on the floor! Thanks!”
-Funk d’void “Get Down is fab!”
-Andy Baxter “Love the Yousef mix”
-Makossa “i prefer & will play the yousef circus rmx”
-Tom Flynn “All over the Yousef mix of yes yes y’all!! Superb!! thanks”
-Tom Budden “Nice! been looking forward the the JO album! originals here for me! thanks”
-Poupon “Wow! Can’t even pick a favourite here, both originals and remixes are DOPE!!!”
-John Made “amazing ep…yousef circus rework in my bag:)
-Victor (DJ Mag Es) “Brutal, originals and remix all great in their own way. Yousefs re-work is great”
-Benoit (Tsugi Mag) “stacey pullen mix for me”
-Liam McSharry (Pumped Audio) “WOW! Top package, so chuffed our lads are smashing it right now. Yes Yes Y’all is awesome, would deffo play out at certain gigs. -Stacey Pullen rework is the pick for us and will get full support! Yousef mix for darker floors too!”
-Lukas ( “Love the stabs in Yes Yes Y’all, quality sounds on this record.”
Russel Deeks (This is Why We Dance) “Very solid chunky house grooves, will support!”



01 Prince Club & Poupon – Technique (Original Mix)
02 Prince Club & Poupon – The Block (Original Mix)


Some selected early feedbacks

already supported by Chris Lake, Luciano, Nic Fanciulli, Claude VonStroke, Umek, Paco Osuna, Riva Starr, Ralf and:

- Reboot “the block is the killer !”
- Mark Knight / Wesley S “HOT!!!!”
- Tube & Berger “Interesting stuff! The Block is dope shizzle!!!”
- AFFKT “Good one! will play it.”
- Solomun “the block for me”
- James Talk “the block is good”
- Jesse Rose “very good groovers.. looking forward to play em.”
- Brodinski “amazing EP! congrats boys! x”
- Mixhell “daaaaaang..this is hot!!! will play tha hell of this ….big up RIVA”
- Dyed Soundorom “The Block is the one for me, thank you”
-Robert Owens “both tracks great”
-Monika Kruse “nice groovy summerstuff, will play!”
-Paul Jackson “Digging both these… will spin for sure. Thank You : )”
-Fabian Argomedo “Technique for me!!! nice track”
-Doomwork “Great Stuff! Technique is perfect”
-Mihalis Safras “Technique is da shit!!!!! Great guys!” “great release! thx for sending”
-Joyce Muniz “yeah block for me thx”
-Homework “Technique for us.”
-Chube.Ka “i like technique!!!! thanks”
-Hannah Holland “Wicked summer tunes”
-Audiojack “The Block is rockin!”
-Gina Turner “full support and chartung!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE”
-Andy Baxter “Great deep groove for early doors”
-Makossa “good stuff”
-Neoteric “Technique has been my favourite track to play for months..absolutely LOVE IT!!! Big record for the summer, big up to Poupon & Prince Club!!!”
-Tom Stephan (Superchumbo) “LOVE THIS!”
-John Made “cool:)”
-Ruben Mandolini “COOL EP!! The Block my favourite!”
-Blacksoul “loving that 90s feel.. will play both. great stuff”
-Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio) “great and groovy! perfect sound for my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio.”
-Giom “Technique is wicked!”



01 Riva Starr & Ramon Tapia – Freedom (Original Mix)
02 Riva Starr Feat. Trigganom – Rockin’ On Swing (Original Mix)
03 Riva Starr Feat. Dolamite – Be Your Best (Original Mix)
04 Riva Starr & Ramon Tapia – Freedom (Dub Mix)


Some selected feedbacks:

already supported by Luciano, Nick Fanciulli, Dubfire, Claude VonStroke, Umek, Paco Osuna and:

-A-Track “This is great! Fun EP. Will support on my radio show.”
-AN21 “phat!!”
-Crookers (Bot) “i really love the frocio house Riva Starr is doing, makes me want to jump in the water smoking a joint forgetting the wallet in my trunks”
-dOP “love the dancehall mood !!good to hear song like this .be your best ..”
-Seamus Haji “Sounds like fun!”
-Round Table Knights “Great Ep! Love the Freedom (Dub) Be your best is cool too! Perfect for the hot summer!”
-Mark Knight “Both Riva and Snatch are on fire right now big up your self mate”
-DJ Zinc “2 and 4 for me pls : )xx”
-Tube & Berger “Ouff! Those freedom trumpets kick ass! SUPPORT!!”
-AFFKT “Yes…this is fucking great! Thanks”
-Gramophonedzie “Summer hit! Can’t wait to play it!”
-James Talk “massive EP, cant wait to try these out this weekend.”
-Toddla T “siick”
-Mixhell “rockin on swing is propper disco/getto tune!!!!! gold!”
-Rainer Weichhold “maaaaaaaaaaaassive bomba”
-Dyed Soundorom “I like “Freedom (Dub)” and Rockin’ On Swing! Will bang them both!!”
-Monika Kruse “i am a big fan of ramon!”
-Paul Jackson “‘Freedom’ for me! Thank You”
-Fabian Argomedo “Freedom is on fire!!”
-James Jackson “What do you think? Dope of course”
-Amo & Navas “nice work”
-Chube.Ka “bombbbbbbbb”
-Makossa “#3 nice for radio”
-Poupon “Freedom Dub mix for my sets, but also feeling Be Your Best…nice variety here!”
-DJ Simi “Freedom and Be Your Best!!!”
-Oscar Aguilera “Be the Best & Freedom (Dub Mix) are great for me, support. Thanks”
-Alli Borem “Yeah!! that’s pretty cool. Dub mix for me, thnks!”
-Wally Lopez “Summer Bomb!!”
-Ruben Mandolini “’s time for summer!! Freedom is a hit! Be Your Best is absolutely genial!”
-Blacksoul “super strong pack! Freedom is my pick”
-Giom “Freedom is sounding NICE! Thanks guys”
-Johnny Fiasco “Solid Release – will support!”
-Ralf “Freedom is what we need …”
-Da Lukas “Rockin’ On Swing and freedom are BOOOMB!!!”